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Meet Dr. Ehren Carine 

Board Certified Family Medicine 
Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

         Graduated from University of New England, Dr. Ehren Carine is practicing family medicine along with specialized in osteopathic manipulation therapy.


         Grew up in a small rural town in Pennsylvania, with many years of studying and researching in cities such as Philadelphia, Portland, and St. Petersburg, he had personally witnessed, experienced and learned both traditional and modern medicine. His goal is to create a practice which can combine the best of both world, the new and the old ways of medicine. 

         As our healthcare system grows more and more complicated, the patient's experience toward medical treatment and patient's health suffers.

          Dr. Carine opened his small family practice with one and only goal: to make a difference in healthcare. His vision of healthcare is simple: a warm and welcoming office, a mutual respectful relationship between patients and doctor, a comfortable atmosphere for patients to express his/her concern, and an individualized goal for better health.  



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