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Coronavirus Update

Carine Family Medicine will stay open and accepting patient's appointments to ensure all patients will continue to receive non-interrupted medical evaluations and treatments. 

We do encourage any patients with high risk medical conditions to consider Telemedicine Visit to lower your risk of contracted the virus. The same goes to patients who have fever or any respiratory symptoms. We ask that you would call our office prior to coming in to the office if you experience such symptoms. 

However, Telemedicine Appointments are available to all established patients, regardless if you have insurance or not.



The Federal Office of Civil Rights announced it will allow physicians and other providers to do video communication with their patients and ptients' families during the COVID-19 outbreak using: 

  • Google Hangout

  • Apple Facetime

  • Microsoft Skype

  • Facebook Messenger

More information is available 

Available Telemedicine Visits for our patients: 

Patients with health insurance

           This visit will be billed to your health insurance. Patients will be responsible for all copays and deductibles based on insurance plan. The patient will also be responsible to check with his or her insurance to make sure service is covered with their current plan. Patient will be charged for the visit if service is denied. 

Patients without health insurance or who do not wish to use insurance

This is an option for patients who do not have health insurance or have high copay or deductible.

A fixed fee is required at time of booking. 

Requirements for patients to have Telemedicine Visit

Patients must acknowledged that Telemedicine Visit is only problem-focused only, if there are multiple medical concerns, please DO NOT use Telemedicine visit. Patient will required to book office visit for multiple medical concerns.

Patient must be in a quiet and safe environment to conduct a successful visit. 

Patient must have either smartphone or tablet to use during the visit.

Patients must provide their preferred way to be contacted at time of booking.

Appointments will be cancel and "no-show" fee will applied if our staff is unable to contact patients at time of the visit.

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